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you are dreaming

... if you still believe I am thinking of you

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Stefanie. her friends call her Steffi or fifi. Austria. 22 years old. Student of architecture (major) and art history (very minor). creative. when she knows some: sensitive. emotional. but never cries. very talkative. to strangers: distant. shy. very quiet. music and concert junkie. ♥ indie/alternative/rock/folk/singer-songwriter. swedish music = ♥³ . SIGUR ROS. Bright Eyes. Arcade Fire. Bright Eyes. and tons more. loves reading all the time/drawing sometimes. falls always for the wrong guys. but has never been really in love. likes talking about herself and is a bad listener. has the best 2 brothers in the world. aunt since the age of 9. spends all her money on travelling. gonna be 7 and a half weeks on vacation this year. destinations: Paris, London, Germany, Switzerland, London again, Florida, California, London again, Paris again. ♥ Stockholm and New York. is more an European than Austrian girl. Harry Potter fan since day 2 and still addicted to the series. Ron Weasley is her fangirl crush. movie-addict. Lord of the Rings movies. Alejandro González Iñárritu and Tim Burton = best directors ever. madly in love with Jason Reitman and Wes Anderson movies. Juno. Little Miss Sunshine. Cabaret. has seen White Oleander, Big Fish and Finding Neverland about 15times each. follows about 25 TV shows every week. Big Bang Theory. Glee. How I Met Your Mother. Bones. Lost. Fringe. and tons more. wants to touch an armadillo. wandering through the rainforest has always been her biggest wish. just starts to like sports again. swimming. body styling. jogging. also watches sports on TV. soccer. tennis. skijumping. Gregor Schlierenzauer fan since day 1. summer makes her happy. wants to move to Sweden after college. thinks that men are much more easy-going than women. thinks that being friends with her is exhausting. has lots and lots of enemies. but the BEST friends

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